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RNDC On Demand FAQs (formally LibDib@RNDC)

Makers please note: As of 5/15/2024, LibDib@RNDC is now called RNDC On Demand. Nothing operationally has changed, just a new name. Please bear with us as we update our materials.
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Click here for a downloadable Maker's Guide to RNDC on Demand. 

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Click here for a great blog on the differences between LibDib and RNDC On Demand. 

Q: How does RNDC On Demand work?
  • RNDC On Demand is an RNDC sales division 
  • RNDC On Demand brings LibDib’s unique platform-based distribution model to multiple RNDC markets
  • Any compliant wine and spirits Maker/Supplier can secure distribution for products in the state
  • Together RNDC and LibDib provide a stronger distribution option for all brands so they can eventually "graduate to RNDC"  
  • The division works well for both established RNDC Suppliers, as well as new and emerging brands

Q: Is RNDC On Demand different from other LibDib markets?

  • In some states LibDib is a licensed wholesaler. Click here for more specifics on LibDib vs. RNDC On Demand markets. 
  • Both models provide access to the market for all Makers
  • Our goal remains to provide a path to market for all Makers/Suppliers and products
  • There will be operational differences when it comes to the following:
  1. RNDC is the distributor of record; Makers/Suppliers are now distributed by RNDC with the state
  2. Zero to minimal inventory, with exceptions under certain circumstances
  3. Delivery, billing, collections, payment, and pricing will be through RNDC 

Q: Where do I sign up?

Q: How long does it take to go live RNDC On Demand markets?

  • For new makers to RNDC On Demand, state compliance/on boarding will vary from 45 to 75 days
  • Once compliant, a distribution request takes an additional 20-30 days for RNDC processing

Q: Am I getting the RNDC sales force? Will RNDC sales reps sell my products?

  • There will not be an RNDC sales force via the RNDC On Demand model
  • The best ambassador for any brand is the Maker/Supplier themselves
  • LibDib and RNDC On Demand's most successful brands have in-market Makers/Suppliers and Brand Ambassadors
  • In-market Ambassadors/Makers can submit Digital Requests online or via a mobile device
  • Read this article for more details on how to be successful with the RNDC On Demand and LibDib model

Q: Who is my distributor in RNDC On Demand markets? LibDib or RNDC? 

  • RNDC is the distributor on record and RNDC On Demand is a division within RNDC 

Q: Can I place Digital Requests in RNDC On Demand markets via LibDib platform?

  • Yes, Makers can place Digital Requests 
  • RNDC will evaluate the request and will process the order as needed

Q: What happens after a Digital Request is submitted?

  • The Digital Request is submitted on LibDib’s platform by the Maker/Supplier
  • Once verified, LibDib will send an email with instructions to the Maker/Supplier

The process includes:

  1. How to download a LibShip label
  2. How to use the LibShip label to route the package to the appropriate RNDC warehouse 
  3. More details on how to access LibShip labels can be found here
  4. After satisfying any regulatory requirements, the cases will be delivered to RNDC
  5. RNDC will deliver the product, invoice and collect from the Customers and pay the Maker 

Q: How can I see when products have been delivered?

  • RNDC is the distributor of record. A Microstrategy report can be run at the Maker’s convenience via eRNDC

Q: Do I have to use LibShip?

  • Yes, LibShip is required. More details here

Q: Will my products be available on eRNDC?

  • Yes! One of the amazing benefits of RNDC On Demand is that your offerings are available for Buyers to purchase via eRNDC. One thing to note is that because RNDC On Demand offerings follow a Just In Time inventory model, fulfillment may take a little longer for delivery.  Buyers can claim their eRNDC accounts via this link

Q: Can RNDC Customers sign in online to buy?

  • Yes.  Buyers can claim their eRNDC accounts via this link
  • RNDC Customers can also contact the Maker/Supplier then the Maker/Supplier can submit a Digital Request through the LibDib platform. 
    *** For Texas - Class B Retailers (on-Premise accounts) need to order from their Class B. Their Class B Retailer will then order from RNDC via their typical process. If that Class B is either Twin or Specs we would get that order through EDI. If it is not one of those two, you would submit the order for that Class B via Digital Request

Q: Who can purchase my products once I’m live?

  • All on and off-premise accounts that are customers in good standing with RNDC
    *** For Texas - All off-premise accounts that are in good standing with RNDC
    On-premise accounts in Texas work with RNDC, but all products must be sold through a Class B license per state laws

Q: Can I work in the market myself and visit accounts?

  • Yes, where regulations allow (wineries in Texas please read the Go Live Guide for instructions). 

Q: Will my brand page URL stay the same?

  • No, Makers will have an eRNDC brand page URL for RNDC On Demand markets and a LibDib brand page URL for LibDib markets

Q: Is RNDC going to hold my inventory?

  • In most cases, all products will be delivered to RNDC warehouses using Just-In-Time demand via LibShip
  • If a chain or BTG inventory is required, there will be a small amount of inventory purchased ahead of time and available for 1-2 day delivery

Q: What if I have inventory at RNDC already? 

  • Inventory at RNDC will remain at the warehouses until depleted
  • It will not be reordered and the Maker/Supplier will move to the Just-In-Time demand via LibShip
  • If you are moving from one distributor to RNDC On Demand, we are not able to purchase and store your inventory. Click here for more information 

Q: What if I need to ship pallets?

  • If an order is 300 lbs. or more, Makers/Suppliers are eligible to use LibShip Freight

Q: Our product has not arrived yet at RNDC. What should I do? 

  • It is the Maker’s responsibility to ensure product arrives at RNDC for delivery to the account
  • If there is breakage or FedEx has lost a shipment, we HIGHLY recommend reshipping the product prior to a claims payment. Keep your Buyer happy with good service

Q: If I’m currently with RNDC, can I add other SKU’s to LibDib that are not with RNDC? 

  • Yes! RNDC on Demand's platform is available for all products, no matter what the production size
  • Products must have a TTB and any relevant state approvals to go live on LibDib
  • Makers/Suppliers must have required permits/licenses to sell in any state in which distribution is requested

Q: I’m currently with RNDC. Can I have products available at RNDC and RNDC on Demand?

  • Yes! This works particularly well if a Maker/Supplier has some products with sales volume or chain placements as those would remain within RNDC

 Q: If my product sales increase, will they move into a traditional RNDC division? 

  • RNDC on Demand acts as an incubator for RNDC, which means that all Makers/Suppliers have access to sell in the RNDC on Demand markets
  • If a Maker hits a specific threshold of dollar sales per month (varies by market) over a period of time, the brand may be considered for distribution in the Artisan or another division 
  • For specific threshold inquiries, reach out to Makers@LibDib.com 

Q: What is the benefit of the RNDC on Demand model over the traditional RNDC model?

  • Makers/Suppliers gain access to the market and Maker/Supplier ambassadors maintain control with their Customers
  • RNDC on Demand allows new and emerging brands to get access to the market immediately

Q: Who should I call if I want more information on RNDC on Demand?

  • Makers/Suppliers who express interest will be notified about next steps 
  • In the meantime, brands can secure distribution in LibDib’s other markets

Q: What is a Service Agent/ Registered Agent and do I need one?

  • A Service or Registered Agent is an individual or entity that acts as a state representative - someone who can receive and return legal documents
  • A Service or Registered Agent is often required in many states. More information can be found here and a third-party company that offers this service is available here

Q: Can I sell to military bases in RNDC On Demand markets?

  • Yes, LibDIb@RNDC works with military bases to receive products tax exempt.

Q: How do I navigate Chain Sales within RNDC on Demand 

  • Fortunately, RNDC has amazing relationships with all chains and we have worked out a program where RNDC On Demand Makers have the opportunity, just like any other Maker in the market, to work with the chains

Chain sales must be supported through RNDC.

*If you are new to working with chains and want to offer your products to Buyers, read more here. 

Chain support is part of the service RNDC on Demand provides to its Makers/Suppliers. Putting our best foot forward for these very busy Buyers is very important. We have worked in tandem with all parties to create a Chain Presentation Book (both on and offline) for all LibDib@RNDC products. Once you become part of RNDC on Demand, Makers need to fill out a document (we will send it to you!) with product details (bottle image, notes, awards, very similar to your LibDib page). The document is added to an ever expanding book which is then sent to the Buyers. If there is interest, a Buyer will reach out for more information, samples and perhaps a meeting. 

This is important. PLEASE do not approach these Buyers yourself. While they are excited to have access to unique and small batch products, they have asked us to follow this process for the sake of their time and availability. Following these guidelines ensures that we are offering up our portfolio in the most efficient way possible. BONUS: RNDC in Demand Makers will have visibility to these great accounts as part of being in the program. Win-win.  

*If you have existing chain sales in Texas and are moving into the LibDib@RNDC division, read here. 

RNDC receives chain orders daily and will process as needed. We will place a PO with Makers once orders are received. There is no need for a Digital Request for the chains. When they get low on their inventory, they will place an order automatically. We will order from the Maker and deliver to the appropriate location once the product arrives. If you have an existing chain placement, please ship your order as soon as possible. We do not want to keep these very important Buyers waiting too long for product! BONUS: RNDC merchandises RNDC on Demand products as needed by account. Another win-win!