LibShip is a flat rate shipping program that offers competitive pricing and enhanced features to save LibDib Makers time and money. LibShip utilizes FedEx to offer simplified pricing, automated tracking, and overall ease of use. Makers report an average savings of almost half the cost of regular FedEx. Rates are based on the distance traveled and the weight of the package and include the ASR (Adult Signature Required) sticker. Current rates are as follows: 


Up to 1,000 miles

1,001+ miles

Case of 6



Case of 12



Here’s how it works: 

  1. To be eligible for LibShip, the shipper must have an Alcohol Shipping Agreement with FedEx. For more information, you can see what FedEx says about this here or you can check out LibDib's Guide here. On LibDib's platform, add this information under the compliance section in your profile. 
    1. For Makers with a residential address for their business, you will need to contact FedEx directly regarding your address. The main concern is that product will be shipped from a residential address, which would be a non-compliance shipment. They will require an explication that product is being shipped from a different address than the listed license address. Without contacting FedEx to explain this, your application will be denied.

  2. Once you receive an order, LibDib will send the standard FFO email. Then, if you're eligible for LibShip, the LibDib Orders Team will call or email you for specific shipping information (i.e., how many labels do you need, weight, etc.). We will create the label(s) and email them to you. 
  3. Attach the prepaid label on the box along with any other necessary LibDib documents (e.g., LibDib ID label, packing slip, invoice, etc.)
  4. Ship it! As always is your responsibility to get the box(es) to FedEx. You can find the drop off locations here, have it picked up as part of your regularly scheduled pick ups with FedEx, or schedule a pick up. Please note that there is an additional fee for scheduling a pick up which will be charged back to you. 
  5. You’ll be billed by LibDib monthly for purchased labels and any applicable pick up fees.

For more information about LibShip, contact us at 844-542-3421 or