LibShip: How it Works

To sell on LibDib, it is a requirement that Makers ship all orders via LibShip, our flat rate shipping program that saves both time and money. LibDib has partnered with FedEx to offer simplified pricing, automated tracking and enhanced features. 

LibShip is a key component to successful LibDibbing, allowing the LibDib Operations Team to carefully track orders, warehouse deliveries and customer shipments. It is the only way for Makers to ship compliantly to Buyers in Florida and New York. The great news is that Makers report an average savings of 50% compared to standard FedEx rates (win, win!) 

Current rates: 


Up to 1,000 miles

1,001+ miles

Case of 6



Case of 12



Note: Any shipments that LibDib deems an “atypical weight shipment” will be billed at FedEx cost to LibDib. LibShip rates include the ASR fee. Any individual shipments over 50 lbs will have a $24 surcharge from FedEx that will be billed back to the Maker. All FedEx surcharges and fees can be found here. Reach out to with questions.

Step 1: Agreement

To be eligible for LibShip, the shipper must have an Alcohol Shipping Agreement with FedEx. Learn more on how to do that with FedEx Alcohol Requirements and LibShip: How to set up an Alcohol Shipping Agreement.

Once you have a FedEx Shipping License, sign into LibDib and add this info to your profile under “Compliance”.

Note on residential addresses:

If you have a residential address for your business, please contact FedEx directly. They require an explanation to show that your product is shipping from a different address than the one listed on the license. To get approved, this must be completed before you submit your application.


Step 2: Receive an order

Once you receive an order, LibDib will send the standard FFO (Fulfillment Order) email. Click on the "Download LibShip Label" button. That will bring you to your ORDERS tab. From there follow the prompts to get your LibShip labels. 

  1. Select LibDib - FedEx (LibShip’s carrier).
  2. Add the weight of your individual shipment. *If you have more than one case, when you click ADD ANOTHER SHIPMENT, a new line will appear to add the individual weight for that respective package. Don’t worry if you add the incorrect weight on your first package, FedEx will scan and weigh all packages and only bill according to its real weight.
  3. Choose your “Ship From” address.
  4. Change your “Ship From” address if needed.
  5. Create your Shipping Label(s).
  6. If your order has more than one box/package shipping, add additional shipments for each package you are shipping. 
  7. Assign your products to specific tracking numbers to help quickly identify products in the case of loss or damage or other inquiries from Buyers. If you are consolidating shipments, please also specify that here in “Case in shipment” by choosing how many packages are shipping together.
  8. Download and include your other documents, Buyer Invoice & Warehouse In-Tag.


Step 3: Pack and label

Attach the prepaid label on the box, along with other required LibDib documents, Buyer Invoice and Warehouse In-Tag.

Step 4: Ship it! 

It’s your responsibility to get your boxes to FedEx. You have a few options:

  • Find a drop off location here.
  • Add to your regularly scheduled pick ups with FedEx.
  • Schedule a pick up. 

Please note that there is an additional fee for scheduling a pick up which will be charged back to you. 

Step 5: Billing

In LibDib markets, Makers are billed monthly for LibShip, LibShip Freight and any applicable pick up fees (for returns). In LibDib@RNDC markets, all shipping fees are included.

For more information about LibShip, call us at 844.542.3421 or email