Do I have to use LibShip?

All orders must be shipped via LibShip, our flat rate shipping program that saves you time and money. LibShip utilizes FedEx to offer simplified pricing, automated tracking, enhanced features, and overall ease of use. It is the only way for Makers to ship compliantly in all LibDib markets. Makers report an average savings of 50% compared to standard FedEx. For more information go here

How does LibShip work? Simple and quick: Once an order is received, LibDib sends Makers a standard FFO email. Makers click through to the Orders Tab on LibDib and are prompted to download the LibShip label(s). Makers print and attach the prepaid label to the box, along with any other necessary LibDib documents (warehouse in tag, Buyer invoice, etc.). Now the order is ready to be shipped. *LibDib bills Makers monthly for delivery, purchased labels, and any applicable pick up fees, excluding LibDib@RNDC markets*

Directions on how to set up your LibShip account can be found here

Per our Terms of Service, any order that is processed via LibDib that is NOT shipped via LibShip is subject to a $25 fee and being returned to the Maker to reship at Maker's expense. This includes shipments generated from any 3PL warehouse or Importer service (Park Street, MHW, ASE etc). Makers are responsible for ensuring their shipping partners are using LibShip when facilitating LibDib orders.