Shipping via LibShip Freight (LTL & FTL)

LibShip Freight should be utilized when a Maker ships  an order (or combines multiple orders going to the same location) on a pallet. LibDib uses FedEx Freight for these shipments (called LTL, Less Than Truckload) and an exclusive brokerage partner for any FTL (Full Truckload) shipments. For freight, LibDib will always book an appointment for pick-up. Makers will never be asked to drop off a pallet at FedEx.


All Leg 1 shipping is billed back to a Maker except in LibDib@RNDC Markets. Click here for more information on LibShip pricing. 


LibShip via FedEx Freight has very competitive rates for LibDib Makers. Our average floor price, dock to dock, within the contiguous USA is $290 (not including any additional services such as a Liftgate or a Delivery Appointment Request). Additional services can be requested at the time of providing information for a quote. Makers are responsible for costs of all additional services added to a shipment, even if a Buyer or Warehouse makes the request. 


For all orders utilizing LibShip Freight, there will be a $25 processing fee for booking a LibShip Freight shipment. This fee is waived for all Makers that are subscribing to LibDib Silver or LibDib Gold at the time of booking.


FTL quotes are generated on an “at-need” basis. See below for required information to make a request.


LibShip Exception: If a Maker is shipping to LibDib from Alaska or Hawaii and there is a forwarding solution in place for carrying products to the mainland, LibDib has very specific requirements for communicating the information prior to being shipped. Please reach out to


When shipping on a pallet Makers do not need to re-pack bottles into safe shipper cartons. Standard packaging is adequate. Pallets need to be plastic wrapped. One copy of the LibDib Warehouse In-Tag or Maker Fulfillment Order (FFO) should be affixed to the pallet on an external area where it can be read by the receiving party. 


Steps below to request a quote and get your shipment booked for pick-up:


Step 1:

Email the shipment specs to in the following format:

  • Order #
  • Number of pallets - 
  • Height of each pallet - 
  • Total weight of shipment -
  • Total number of cases -
  • Pick-up business & address -
  • Pick-up date -
  • Additional services (such as Liftgate) -
  • Contact name & phone number - 

To request FTL, please include this additional info:

  • Total Value of goods - $

LibShip Freight and payment responsibilities for pallets can vary by state. Here’s a quick breakdown and how it works in each market.

In most LibDib markets: Makers can use freight through LibShip Freight to deliver pallets to LibDib’s warehouse. Makers pay for shipping from their warehouse to ours and LibDib pays for the final delivery to the Buyer, which is accounted for in a Dock and Delivery ($12) fee added on to the Buyer price. 

In Florida and New York: Controlled LibShip Freight is mandatory to ship to the Buyer. There is no flat rate. LibDib will secure a price quote once an order is placed. Makers will be billed for LibShip Freight from LibDib. If outstanding payments for LibShip are due when LibDib pays the Maker, the freight charges will be deducted from the Maker’s A/R. 

In LibDib@RNDC markets: All shipping costs are built into your sale price to LibDib@RNDC. 


Step 2:

Once you have reviewed quotes, selected the preferred service option for shipping and received the  shipping documents from the LibShip team, Makers will need to produce the documents to show the FedEx driver upon their arrival for pick-up. 

If a Maker utilizes  a 3rd party warehouse to fulfill orders (such as Park St, MHW, Western Wine), you must provide the shipping documents to that 3rd party warehouse. If the 3rd party requires a reference for the pick-up, the Maker will be required to assist them with this. The LibShip team can provide FedEx’s local dispatch terminal contact number to you to communicate this information for the pick-up.


Step 3:

Once the order has been picked up, tracking will automatically update on LibDib. No further action is required of Makers to update tracking.

Additional information

If breakage or loss occurs in transit, LibDib will submit a claim to FedEx. If approved and paid out by FedEx, LibDib will apply the credit amount to the shipping invoice.

Once a Maker’s  shipment is delivered, LibDib will receive a final invoice from FedEx. Please note that the original quote can differ from the final cost, e.g., if:

  •  FedEx records a different weight of your shipment and makes the cost adjustment, 
  • The Buyer or Warehouse requests a service such as Liftgate or Inside Delivery Request upon receipt. 

Makers are responsible for all final charges on Freight.


Please note: if FedEx adds a new tracking number at the time of pick-up, please email the LibShip team with the new tracking number so that LibDib can update our records and track your shipment accordingly. This allows us to provide the Buyer with up to date information about the delivery