Q: How is LibDib@RNDC TX going to work?

  • LibDib@RNDC TX is a new RNDC sales division within the state of Texas
  • LibDib@RNDC TX brings LibDib’s unique platform-based distribution model to RNDC Texas
  • Any compliant spirits Maker/Supplier can secure distribution for products in the state
  • The idea is that together RNDC and LibDib will provide a stronger distribution option
  • This is for both established RNDC Spirits Suppliers, as well as new and emerging brands
  • LibDib@RNDC TX will be open to a select group of LibDib Makers and RNDC Spirits Suppliers
  • Wine distribution via LibDib@RNDC TX is coming soon

Q: Is LibDib@RNDC TX different from other current markets (CA, FL, IL, WI, CO, NY)?

  • In other states, LibDib is a licensed wholesaler
  • LibDib@RNDC TX is a new sales division within RNDC Texas
  • Both models provide access to the market in a deeper reach for RNDC and Makers/Suppliers
  • There will be operational differences when it comes to the following:
  1. Zero to minimal inventory, with exceptions under certain circumstances
  2. Delivery, billing, collections, payment, and pricing will be through RNDC in Texas
  • Our goal remains to provide a path to market for all Makers/Suppliers and products

Q: Am I getting the RNDC sales force? Will RNDC sales reps sell my products?

  • There will not be an RNDC sales force via the LibDib@RNDC TX model
  • The best ambassador for any brand is the Maker/Supplier themselves
  • LibDib’s most successful brands have in-market Makers/Suppliers and Brand Ambassadors
  • In-market Ambassadors/Makers can submit Digital Requests online or via a mobile device
  • Read this article for more details on how to be successful on LibDib


Q: Who is my distributor in Texas? LibDib or RNDC?

  • RNDC is the distributor on record and LibDib@RNDC TX is a new division within RNDC Texas

Q: Can I place Digital Requests in Texas via LibDib platform?

  • Yes, Makers can place Digital Requests in Texas
  • RNDC will evaluate the request and can process an order if appropriate

Q: What happens after a Digital Request is placed?

  • The Digital Request is submitted on LibDib’s platform by the Maker/Supplier
  • Once verified, LibDib will send an email with instructions to the Maker/Supplier
The process includes:
  1. How to download a LibShip label
  2. How to use the LibShip label to route the package to the appropriate RNDC warehouse in Texas
  3. More details on how to access LibShip labels can be found here
  4. After satisfying any regulatory requirements, the cases will be delivered to RNDC
  5. RNDC will invoice and collect from the Customers

Q: Do I have to use LibShip?

Q: Will my products be available on eRNDC?

  • At this time, LibDib@RNDC TX products are only available via Digital Request

Q: Where do I sign up?

  • Express your interest here
  • LibDib@RNDC TX will open the market out to additional Makers/Suppliers in the near future
  • Makers/Suppliers who express interest will be notified appropriately
  • In the meantime, brands can secure distribution in LibDib’s other 6 markets

Q: Who can purchase my Spirits products in Texas once I’m live?

  • All off-premise accounts in the state of Texas are signed up with RNDC
  • On-premise accounts work with RNDC, but for spirits, all products must be sold through a Class B license per state laws

Q: Can Texas Customers sign in online to buy?

  • Texas Customers need to contact the Maker/Supplier then the Maker/Supplier can submit a Digital Request through the LibDib platform

Q: Will my brand page URL stay the same?

  • No, Makers will have an RNDC brand page URL for Texas and a LibDib brand page URL
  • Both links can be found on LibDib


Q: Is RNDC Texas going to hold my inventory?

  • No, all products will be delivered to RNDC warehouses using Just-In-Time demand via LibShip


Q: What if I have inventory at RNDC in Texas already?

  • Inventory at RNDC will remain at the warehouses until depleted
  • It will not be reordered and the Maker/Supplier will move to the Just-In-Time demand via LibShip

Q: What if I need to ship pallets into Texas?

  • If an order is 10+ cases, Makers/Suppliers are eligible to use LibShip Freight
  • More information can be found here


Q: If I’m currently with RNDC, can I add other SKU’s to LibDib that are not with RNDC?

  • Yes! LibDib’s platform is available for all products, no matter what the production size
  • Products must have a TTB and TABC approved COLA to go live on LibDib
  • Makers/Suppliers must be licensed to sell in any state in which distribution is requested

Q: I’m currently with RNDC in Texas. Can I have products available at RNDC and LibDib@RNDC TX?

  • Yes! This works particularly well if a Maker/Supplier has some products with sales volume or chain placements as those would remain within RNDC


Q: If my product sales increase, will they go back into the RNDC Spirits portfolio?

  • LibDib@RNDC TX acts as an incubator for RNDC Texas, providing all Makers/Suppliers with access to Texas

Q: How long does it take to go live in Texas?

  • For new makers to the state of Texas, state compliance can take up to 75 days
  • Once compliant, a distribution request takes an additional 30 days for RNDC processing

Q: What is the benefit of the LibDib@RNDC TX model over the traditional RNDC model?

  • Makers/Suppliers gain access to the market and Maker/Supplier ambassadors maintain control with the Customer

Q: Who should I call if I want more information on LibDib@RNDC TX?

  • If you are currently an RNDC supplier, you will be contacted if LibDib@RNDC TX is an option for you
  • If you are a LibDib Maker or interested in new distribution, express your interest here
  • Makers/Suppliers who express interest will be notified appropriately
  • In the meantime, brands can secure distribution in LibDib’s other 6 markets.