LibShip FAQ's

How do I become LibShip Certified
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When do I decide if I should use LibShip Freight over regular LibShip?

LibDib recommends asking for a LibShip Freight shipping quote at around 15 cases shipping to the same location. If you have several orders going to one location, you can consolidate on a LibShip Freight shipment. For chains, clubs, and e-prem, freight may be required for lower case counts.


How much does LibShip cost? 

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How do I know the cost of LibShip Freight?

LibDib will provide multiple freight quotes for different levels of service based on specifications that you provide. This is not a final cost as any special services required at the consignee’s end or any adjustments in weight due to incorrect specs will be billed to LibDib in a final invoice which will be billed on to you, the Maker. Please refer to our ToS agreement for LibShip charges.


What happens if my shipment does not weigh 21lbs or 40lbs?

LibDib’s rates allow for some flexibility in the weight of your package. If LibDib deems your package to be an “atypical weight” we will bill you the exact cost of the shipping label which you can ask about by emailing


How much do I pay if I am shipping an individual bottle?

LibDib has very competitive rates for LibShip and so we will bill the Case of 6 price for anything up to a case of 6.


I can’t login to get my shipping labels

If you are having trouble logging in to download your labels, please follow the password reset process. If your problem persists, please reach out to If you need to be added as a team member, see this help article.


Can I ship according to Buyer notes on an Invoice?

While we appreciate consideration for a Buyer’s delivery preferences, you must ship first in accordance with LibDib’s Terms of Service, e.g. if a Buyer notes that they prefer receiving from UPS, you as the Maker will still be required to ship on LibShip which uses FedEx.


Can I use the same shipping label on multiple packages?

No, you cannot use the same label on multiple packages. Click the “Add Another Shipment” button to add as many labels as needed for your shipment on order to generate a unique tracking # for each package shipping. Please make sure you attach each label to the case you assigned to it on the shipment page.


I received pushback from FedEx when I went to drop off a package, even though I have the FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement. What should I do? 

Sometimes a FedEx employee manning an office may not be aware that FedEx offers compliant alcohol shipping for permitted companies. Try this….it has worked for LibDib personally as well as other Makers:

  • Ask for the manager and explain that you are permitted by FedEx. Show the copy of the Alcohol Shipping Agreement. 

  • Offer the manager to speak to your FedEx rep and show the alcohol markings on your LibShip labels. 

These two tactics have often resolved the issue. Additionally, some Makers have opted to schedule pickups instead of dealing with the drop-off which as the drivers are more knowledgeable about the process.


Why is the shipping flow asking me for my fulfillment center’s FedEx Account Number?

FedEx requires LibDib to record the account number of the fulfiller in order to verify the alcohol shipper’s permit associated with the shipper. All billing for LibShip still goes through LibDib.


Do I need my own FedEx Alcohol Shipper’s Permit if I’m shipping from a warehouse/fulfillment center?

No. If your fulfiller has a FedEx Alcohol Shipper’s Permit, then you do not need your own. Only the actual shipper needs to have the permit.


How do I arrange shipping if I am not the fulfiller (I use ASE/MHW/Park Street/another warehouse)?

If you are shipping via LibShip, download your shipping labels and other documents and forward them to your fulfiller. If you are shipping via LibShip Freight, follow the steps here. You may need to get specs from your fulfiller and once Freight is booked and you receive documents from the LibShip team, you will need to coordinate with your fulfiller to ensure that the shipment is ready to ship on the pick-up date.


When do I pay for LibShip?

LibDib bills one month in arrears for all prior month shipping charges. Per the terms of service, if LibShip bills are not paid promptly, LibDib reserves the right to deduct the amount owed from payments to Makers. Bill backs for LibShip do not apply in LibDib@RNDC markets; shipping is included in this service. 


Does my license information need to match the fulfiller’s information for shipping?

No. For shipping, it only matters that the warehouse has a FedEx Alcohol Shipper’s Permit.


What happens if my shipment breaks in transit or is lost?

The LibShip team will submit a claim with FedEx for the lost/damaged product. However, you are required to re-ship while we await a decision on the claim from FedEx. LibDib does not deem a shipment received until it is confirmed “Delivered” by FedEx with a signed POD. 


How do I get paid for FedEx claims?

Once a claim is approved, FedEx mails a check for the amount paid to LibDib. Once LibDib receives the payment from FedEx, LibDib adds a credit in this amount to your shipping balance (not your Purchase Order).


What do I do if FedEx denies a claim for breakage?

If FedEx denies a claim for breakage, LibDib recommends reviewing the FedEx Recommended Packaging Guide and making any necessary changes to packaging for future shipments. If FedEx denies X claims, LibDib will remove your products from being available until you prove that you have made changes to packaging to minimize breakage.