LibShip Pricing

Shipping via LibShip on FedEx Ground

To sell on LibDib, it is a requirement that Makers ship all orders via LibShip, our simplified shipping program, powered by FedEx Ground & Express, that saves both time and money. Note: For Express shipping quotes, Makers will need to contact the LibShip Team with a valid Order #.

With LibShip, Makers are able to open existing orders on LibDib and download shipping labels right from LibDib and can enjoy automated tracking and enhanced features.

LibShip is a key component to successful LibDibbing, allowing the LibDib Operations Team to carefully track orders, warehouse deliveries and customer shipments. The great news is that Makers save up to 88% when compared to standard FedEx rates (win, win!) 

To ship via LibShip on FedEx Freight, follow these steps.


For more information about LibDib's Gold, Silver and LibDib+ Tiers, please click here

Note: Individual package weight is determined by either the actual weight or the volumetric weight. Volumetric weight can be calculated using this formula: (L x W x H) divided by 139.


We know there are scenarios where your packages don’t fall into this and we answer some of those questions on our FAQ page. All FedEx surcharges and fees can be found here


Here are some charges to be aware of:

  • Pick-up Fee: The pick-up fee will be added when you schedule a pick-up. All LibShip FedEx shipping labels that are scanned at pick-up will incur this charge. FedEx bills the account for which the shipping label was created (i.e., if LibDib creates the label, LibDib will be billed). If FedEx picks up packages with shipping labels not associated with a LibShip shipment, those charges will be billed to the shipping account.
  • Excessive Weight: Individual packages weighing over 50lbs will incur an additional handling charge up to $24. LibDib recommends that Makers ship individual shipments that weigh under 50lbs.
  • Declared Value: Declared Value is included in LibDib Gold and LibDib Silver pricing. Declared value can be entered when creating shipping labels on the Orders tab. The charge for Declared value is 1% of the total cost of goods entered during your shipping label creation flow. Non-LibDib Gold & Silver Makers can leave this field blank and FedEx will cover a maximum of $100 if they approve a claim for damage or loss. Gold and Silver Makers are will be billed any Declared Value charge that exceeds $5.

Damage/Loss Claim Reimbursement

FedEx will issue a check to LibDib When a claim is approved by FedEx for damage or loss. Once LibDib received the check from FedEx, LibDib will credit the amount reimbursed to the Makers shipping invoice. Please keep in mind that Makers are billed for LibShip on an invoice that is separate from Purchase Orders. If FedEx denies a claim, there is no reimbursement issued.

Billing for LibShip

LibShip billing will be sent on a separate invoice once a month for all shipments since the invoice and Makers will have 15 days to make a payment. LibShip is billed at the Rated weight of your shipment which is determined by either the physical weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the height, width and length and dividing the total by 139.

A Final bill for LibShip Freight will be sent after your shipment is delivered, all final costs are calculated and Makers will have 15 days to make a payment.

If you have questions about LibShip, please visit the FAQ for LIBSHIP HERE