What does LibDib do?

LibDib is a licensed wholesale distributor in 9 states (CA, NY, NJ, CT, IL, FL, MD, CO and WI). We are the second tier within the three-tier system.


LibDib is also the technology behind a selling division within RNDC (GA, IN, LAOK, TX and more states coming soon).


The goal of the LibDib platform across both models is to provide any Maker with three-tier access to a market, whether it’s one case at a time or a pallet drop. So if you are a licensed Maker, you can be a LibDibber.


LibDib’s business model is different from other distributors; we do not have trucks, sales reps or warehouses full of inventory. We utilize a ‘Just-In-Time’ inventory model where common carrier and distributor partners get products to where they need to go, compliantly. Costs vary by market based on the model and fulfillment charges.


For more information, please review our Maker Intro Guide and our Go Live Guides by Market.


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