How much does LibDib cost?

Makers can sign up free at Just add brand(s), submit offerings for approval and start selling.

Once an item sells on LibDib, there are a number of different fees that the Maker is responsible for. These fees differ by market and the LibDib model that is being used (LibDib or LibDib@RNDC). Some of these fees are included in the Selling Price to the Buyer. Others are billed back to the Maker. Please review the summary below: 


These 3 costs are built into the Wholesale price via a formula on LibDib. 

  1. Excise taxes (varies by market)
  2. If applicable in “at-rest” markets, there is a Dock and Delivery fee of $12. Fees are negotiable if deliveries are made if multiple cases to the same Buyer.  In non "at-rest" markets, if the order is pulled from inventory for consolidation or delivered by LibDib from a warehouse, there is a $10 per case fee
  3. 14-18% markup on the Net Sales Cost (please click here for more information about which markup is charged based on LibDib Extras). There’s no cost to list your products with LibDib, we don’t charge minimums, and we only get paid if you sell a case. That’s distribution reimagined! 

To calculate exact costs by market, follow the steps outlined here to view the pricing. The “Maker Price” is what LibDib will pay the Maker. The “Selling Price Per Case” is what the Buyer will see on the platform. 

There is one additional cost, which is the first leg of shipping (LibShip and any applicable Logistics surcharges which vary by market). In some markets, LibShip is the only leg of shipping, depending on “at-rest” requirements. If that is the case, then no Dock and Delivery fee will be added to the Selling Price.

The costs of LibShip or LibShip Freights will be billed back to the Maker. 


  • RNDC makes a 28% margin.
  • Shipping and tax costs are built in. There are no additional fees or bill backs. 

LibDib has other offerings available, including Gold and Silver tiers as well as a new Priority Onboarding Package and LibSights (actionable data and insights on Maker business). Click here for more information


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