How to price offerings

Pricing your offerings on LibDib is super easy:

  1. Click on "MARKETS."
  2. Choose a market.
  3. Click the “Offerings” tab to see available offerings.
  4. Click "Show panel to Enter, Edit and Submit State Details" to expand your offering, select "Availability", add "Quantity Available" set the "Selling Price" and add "Discount Tier".

Note: Before you can submit offerings for approval in a market, you must provide the appropriate state compliance info and accept the terms of the Market Agreement. 

For a more detailed explanation, view LibDib's Maker Pricing Guide here.

Adding Tiered Discounts

After entering your case 1 pricing, click on "Add Discount Tier" to set up tiered pricing. Common tiers include 3 case, 5 case, and 10 case. Once set, your tiered pricing options will show on the product card in the Shop.*If you’re interested in chains and club submissions, also consider half pallet and pallet pricing.*