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2024 Maker Announcement

Dear Valued LibDib Makers, 

First and foremost thank you for being a LibDibber. We are very proud of our 1,200 Suppliers, 20,000 Offerings, 15 states (and counting) and thousands of Buyers using LibDib every day. 

In order to continue with our high quality service, there are 5 important changes in our operations that will be instituted in 2024 that Makers need to be aware of. 

Please read through the entirety of this message carefully to ensure you understand how these changes will affect your business with LibDib. 


1. Increase in LibDib’s Mark-up 
LibDib launched in 2017. The state of the world has changed dramatically over the last seven years with regards to inflation, interest rates, increased fuel charges and a higher cost for labor and insurance. Going forward, mark-up will vary by a Maker’s tier of service.

  • Gold Members: 14% (no change)
  • Silver Members: 15% 
  • LibDib+ Members: 16%
  • LibDib Free: 18%
  • Non-Alc Makers: 7% (no change)

To sign up for a paid tier, please click here to learn more or email makers@libdib.com for more information

Pricing will be updated so that the Buyer price is not affected. All new Makers going live as of January 1st will be implemented at the new mark-up. For existing Makers, the price will be adjusted accordingly on the platform on January 15, 2024

Starting on January 16, Makers can go to LibDib and update Maker pricing if desired. However, some changes might not take effect for up to 60 days (price posting states)

This adjustment will be made in LibDib markets ONLY. LibDib@RNDC markets remain the same

2. Dock and Delivery fees update 
    • The fuel surcharge in all relevant markets will be eliminated
    • All Dock and Delivery fees across the country will be standardized at $12
    • If an offering hits a warehouse in a non-at-rest state (NY and FL) for chain consolidation or inventory purposes, a Dock and Delivery fee of $10 will be billed back

3. LibShip Payment: Automatic Deduction from Invoice
  • If a payment for LibShip has not been received by the time LibDib’s receivable is due to the Maker, the Billing team will automatically deduct what is due from the amount paid to the Maker. Any deduction will be noted on the payment documentation for tracking purposes. 

4. LibShip Pricing Update 


5. Makers are required to send an invoice to LibDib for all orders
  • Makers must submit an invoice to LibDib in order to get paid. Please submit all invoices to invoices@libdib.com
  • Payment terms remain 60 days from the date of shipment. However, if the invoice is not received in time with the correct information, payment from LibDib to the Maker may be delayed
The following information must be on the invoice. These are compliance requirements and required for state audits
  • FFO/PO #
  • The Maker Price (what the Maker is selling it to LibDib for)
  • ABV, the size of the bottle (750ml, 1L etc) and the number of bottles per case
LibDib will accept any type of invoice as long as it has the required information listed above. However, if a Maker does not have an existing invoice process, a sample invoice template can be found here.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your business. LibDib looks forward to continuing distribution service for all Makers in every state for years to come. If you have any questions, Gold/Silver members can reach out to their Portfolio Managers. All other Makers, please reach out to makers@libdib.com


The Maker Team