What is LibDib's Sample Policy?

Processing samples for accounts and events via distribution is a time consuming process.  LibDib offers complimentary sample services for Gold Makers in compliant states only. Makers will be charged $10 per case to cover excise taxes. All costs for the case and shipping charges will be billed back to the Maker.

For a one time sample processing fee for non Gold Members, the cost is $250 per shipment plus $10 per case for taxes. All shipping charges and the cost of the product will be billed back to the Maker.

All Makers must be live and compliant on LibDib in order to complete a sample shipment. Depending on the state, it can take 5-60 days to get compliant. Click here for Go Live Guides and timing.

All Makers shipping samples are required to use LibShip and have the FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement in place. This can take up 4 weeks to obtain, so plan accordingly. 

Gold Makers can work with their Portfolio Manager to arrange for samples. All other Makers, please contact Makers@libdib.com to arrange the shipments.