Setting up an Alcohol Shipping Agreement with FedEx

How to get your FedEx account setup and Alcohol Shipping Agreement to use the LibShip program

To ship alcohol via FedEx/LibShip, you are required to have a FedEx account and an Alcohol Shipping Agreement on file with them. This allows Makers to ship wine and spirits licensee-to-licensee. For additional information on the FedEx alcohol shipping requirements, you can visit their site directly:

1. The first step is to create a FedEx account:

2. Once your FedEx account has been created, reach out to your FedEx account executive to obtain a FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement. If you don’t have an assigned account executive, call FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and request that an account executive call you. Not sure where your closest FedEx is? Check here.

For the Alcohol Shipping Agreement, FedEx will require the following information from you:

Legal Entity Name
Shipping Address
These MUST match Alcohol License
FedEx Account #
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Fax
Contact Email
Website Address

Makers will also need to provide a copy of their Federal TTB and Origin State license.


For Makers with a residential address for their business, you will need to contact FedEx directly regarding your address. The main concern is that product will be shipped from a residential address, which would be a non-compliance shipment. They will require an explication that product is being shipped from a different address than the listed license address. Without contacting FedEx to explain this, your application will be denied.

3. Enroll in FedEx Ship Compliant:

4. Once that information is provided to FedEx, it is sent over to FedEx legal to review. Turnaround time is typically a couple weeks for the Maker to receive the Alcohol Agreement. It typically takes another day (or same day) for FedEx legal to turn on the ability for Makers to ship alcohol.

5. Once Makers are setup with this agreement, they can begin receiving shipping labels from LibDib via the shipments page or email. Reach out to with any questions.