I submitted my offerings over a month ago? Why are they not showing as approved?

Once an offering is submitted, a real person will be reviewing all of the information that has been gathered to ensure they are ready to go live and be available in the marketplace. That information varies by state, however there are a few constants: 

  • LibShip Compliance Documentation (Approve FedEx Alcohol Shippers agreement) 
  • TTB and Home state licenses
  • IF an additional permit is required in the state that is doing business, we need that documentation
  • IF a brand label registration by the Maker is required, we need that documentation
  • Any additional information that might be needed if LibDib (as the distributor) is submitting for label registration or price posting

If additional information is needed, the Maker Team (via makers@libdib.com) will email you directly to ask for it. If there is no response within 30 days, the offering will be taken out of the queue and the Maker will be required to resubmit. 

LibDib receives between 250-500 new offering submissions per week. We process them in the order they have been received. If the information is not provided, the Maker Team needs to take them out of the queue in order to focus on those that are ready.