When will my product show up in LibDib's shop?

Makers are required to sign up, onboard products, price & submit offerings for approval, and provide required compliance information.

How quickly your products appear in the LibDib Marketplace depends on the compliance requirements in each market/state. For more information about compliance requirements, click here.

Once the appropriate license(s) has been provided to LibDib, offerings have been priced and submitted for approval. *LibDib will review and reach out if any requirements are missing.*

When approved, Buyers will be able to purchase your products in the LibDib Marketplace instantly!

Am I ready for Buyers to see my products?

  1. Make sure your LibDib page looks great! Pictures, video, links to social media, POS, descriptions, recipes. 
  2. Make sure you have your fulfillment process finalized: Do you have your Alcohol Shippers Agreement complete for using LibShip? Do you have safe boxes ready to pack up?
  3. Are you compliant in the state you want to ship to? LibDib has a number of resources that will tell you what licenses, permits etc. that is needed in each state (yes, every state is different, many states will require an additional license outside of the TTB and home state license).
  4. Set your LibDib notification preferences to notify you of orders by going to PROFILE > Notifications Preferences. *This is where you can set the Business Notifications, as well as, individual Team Members.*