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What are LibDib’s Extra (Gold, Silver, + and Priority Onboarding) Plans?

Review LibDib Extra Plans and learn how to sign up now

LibDib is pleased to announce our Gold and Silver plans for Makers that are interested in standing out on LibDib and selling into specialty accounts. Click here for more information including features and pricing.


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What do I get with LibDib+? 

LibDib+ Makers receive priority Email Support (response within 2 business days or less), an enhanced LibDib listing, including their brand and product stories, recipes, unlimited images, videos, media accolades, awards and any Point of Sale Materials, all available for Buyers to view 24/7. LibDib+ members will also have access to custom Sell Sheet creation within the platform. 

What do I get with LibDib Silver? silvernowords256x300

Silver Makers receive all LibDib+ features. In addition, a Portfolio Manager to handle all things LibDib will be assigned with personal email, phone and text support option. When it comes to Buyer visibility on LibDib, Silver Makers will be included in Explore Tiles at least once per quarter and will be included in recommendation carousels to Buyers within the app

Silver Makers that have Buyers ordering will have the option to automate a reorder reminder, via email or SMS. If a Silver Maker's product is left in a Buyers cart, the Buyer will be automatically reminded via email or SMS that they have “left something behind.” For promotional purposes off-platform, Silver Makers can download editable product Sell Sheets in addition to sharing an advanced customized Brand specific URL, taking Buyers right to the Maker’s unique page.

What do I get with LibDib Gold? goldnowords256x300

Gold Makers receive all of the Silver benefits; however it is at this level where there are sales opportunities. Gold Makers are eligible for presentations to our Innovation Tier clients. LibDib is a fast and efficient distribution model and therefore a desirable option for volume sales providing direct brand exposure to the consumer. We have spent the last 5 years building solid relationships and will make these introductions to Gold Makers. 

Gold Makers will receive VIP treatment when it comes to their chain placements, including staging inventory for faster service, processing EDI orders and Fintech payments while managing any chain authorization forms. 

Gold Makers also have the opportunity to participate in App Banner Marketing Campaigns (6X per year for two weeks at a time (3 market max), product or brand based) and receive preferred placement in the search engine. The LibDib Maker team is available for Gold Makers to assist with setting up a stand-out page. Only Gold Makers products are eligible for social media and email marketing campaigns. Finally, Gold Makers have the ability to utilize LibDib’s compliant distribution for event samples and tastings. 

How do I sign up for LibDib Extras?

Are you ready to get started with Gold, Silver or LibDib+? Here’s how to do so: 

  • Log into your LibDib account, go to “MY PROFILE”  on the upper right hand side. 
  • Click on “ACCOUNT STATUS” on the left hand side. 
  • Choose the plan right for your business (monthly and yearly payments are available). 
  • You will be sent to a secure checkout page via our payment partner Stripe. Fill in the required information. 
  • A Portfolio Manager will reach out within one business day to start your LibDib Extra program. 



What do I get with Priority Onboarding? (one time fee of $500)

Priority Onboarding includes two 30 minutes calls with a Portfolio Manager, one 30 minute call with a compliance expert and a final review of your account and offerings before go live. This program is highly recommended for any Maker looking to Go Live immediately for a timely sale/placement. 

Email makers@libdib.com with the header: Priority Onboarding Request. An invoice will be sent and a Portfolio Manager will reach out within one business day to assist.