I would like someone from the Portfolio Team to call me

One of the great things about being a technology company is the plethora of electronic resources enabling efficient information flow. Pretty much every question a Maker has ever asked has been answered in here in our Help Center, often with screenshots and videos to assist. Makers can easily find information and utilize it on their own time! 

LibDib is able to provide distribution efficiently to over 1,000 Makers across 10 states because of the ability for Makers to self-serve when it comes to providing their data to the platform and requesting distribution in new markets. If the Portfolio Team (3 people strong!) took phone calls with every new Maker that asked for one or an existing Maker that had a question, this company would not be able to operate at our current scale. We have built out many resources to assist Makers with just about anything they might need. 

With new Makers that qualify (have started an account on LibDib, filled out our Get to Know You form) or are a referral from a valued partner (e-premise or RNDC), we can schedule a 30 minute consult to answer any questions or to explain the process in depth. It is very helpful if the Maker has done some initial homework and read through a few Help Center articles. Coming to the meeting with specific questions allows us both to use our time efficiently. 

Our recommendations for pre-meeting preparation: 

  • Start a free account at www.libdib.com. Nothing like actually going through the process to determine if help is needed. 

For those wanting a little extra support, we offer Gold and Silver tiers of service. Our Gold and Silver members are assigned a Portfolio Manager that will be able to spend more time on the phone and via text, email etc. discussing your brand and how to stand out on LibDib. 

LibDib will always offer a free level of distribution services which offers Makers email support.

Any questions or platform needs can be directed to makers@libdib.com and the team will get right back to you.