What is E-Premise?

E-Premise is a Brand built online via a third-party platform that enables consumer sales. The Maker commits time and budget to drive sales through these platforms, with the result of a retailer purchasing via LibDib.

A few of LibDib’s E-Premise partners include (discounts available for LibDib Gold/Silver Subscribers):

  • AccelPay - AccelPay enables E-Commerce for beverage alcohol brands, for the first time brands can sell directly to their customers online, unlock a new revenue channel for your business.
  • Barcart - Helps power e-commerce for regulated industries, enabling direct-to-consumer sales, geo-targeted marketing and unprecedented transparency across the three tiers.
  • Big Thirst - Distillery Set-up & Expansions, Sales Enablement, E-Commerce Analytics & Marketing.
  • Liquorstorefront,com - Provides Spirits Suppliers with new levers to manage their E-Commerce with, three-tier compliant online alcohol delivery and digital marketing solutions.
  • ReserveBar - E-commerce marketing platform with upscale gift packaging; and fast and reliable delivery.
  • ShotsBox -  The company has grown from a 50mL sample subscription service to a full-fledged e-commerce liquor store that aims to support the many craft spirit distilleries aiming to get their products to consumers. 
  • Speakeasy - Access to the tools, capabilities, and analytics for selling direct-to-consumer.
  • Tipxy - Custom web page and a marketplace provides brands with an omni-channel approach. 
  • Thirstie - Unlocks e-commerce capabilities for beverage alcohol brands, enabling direct-to-consumer sales, targeted marketing via consumer data, and new revenue opportunities.
  • Offer your products to clubs - Our team can help. 

What’s Involved in Working with an E-Premise Partner?

Promotion - Any E-Premise partner is going to ask the brand to participate in promoting whether through social media, paid social or digital advertising. Getting consumers to purchase products is key. Keep in mind that promotion dollars equals sales and customers!

Shipping - Take into consideration logistics and the timing it takes to deliver products to different markets for E-Premise customers. Makers need to work with LibDib to set the shipping expectations for the Buyers to understand when and how the product is going to arrive. We’ve been working with many of our Makers on this process and it’s easy to streamline, but as a Maker you MUST prepare yourself and organize your team. Keep LibDib involved. 


For more information on E-Premise contact clubs@libdib.com