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How to offer products to subscription clubs

Interested in selling direct-to-consumer with a retail partner? Go Gold!

Subscription club opportunity introductions are made for GOLD Makers.


Enter Brand information:

❑ Website
❑​ Social Links
❑ Yelp/TripAdvisor Links
❑ Brand Story; 2-3 paragraphs describing your Brand
❑ Select Keywords that describe your Brand; ie. organic, family owned, award-winning
❑ ​Upload logo (minimum size requirements: 500 px width by 500 px height)
❑ Upload a Brand video (add the Youtube or Vimeo links)
❑ Upload Collateral; sell sheets, POS or PDF of offering presentations
❑ Add any awards/acclaim, online reviews/mentions

Enter product information (one for each product):

❑ Type (wine, gin, whiskey, rum etc.)
❑ Bottled in USA (Y/N)
❑ State
❑ Proof/ABV
❑ Label Name
❑ Upload: bottle image, front label, and back label (1000px by 1000px or larger size is recommended)
❑​ Add package information, bottle size and case size
❑ Product story
❑ ​Recipe / Approach
❑ Tasting Notes
❑ Select keywords that describe your product; ie woman owned, farm-to-table, award winning etc.
❑ ​Upload Collateral, reviews, tasting notes
❑ Add any reviews or mentions of your product


Enter product pricing information:

When speaking with a Buyer directly about pricing, please keep in mind that you are discussing a ‘Wholesale Cost’ to determine the price you need to be paid do not forget to factor in the shipping and LibDib markup for the market.

❑​ Pallet Configuration
❑​ 1 case pricing
❑ 5 case tiered discount pricing
❑ 20 case tiered discount pricing or pallet layer (supplier designated)
❑ 40 cases tired discount pricing or 1/2 pallet (supplier designated)

Contact LibDib's Innovation Revenue Team at innovation@libdib.com, to help you crush your goals. 


Makers MUST communicate with LibDib in a timely and proactive manner.