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Total Wine & More

Interested in selling to TWM? Submit your products today!

Visit https://www.totalwine.com/for-the-trade/product-submission to present your products. Check in if you don’t hear back within 30 days.

Once you get a reply from the Submission team at TWM (see an example below), forward your approval to makers@libdib.com so we know which locations you were approved into and so we can let our Ordering Captain know to add you to those demand reports.

Once you've been approved:
  • Be sure that you are set up as a Gold Maker. Learn more here.
  • Consider hosting in store demos! Try to schedule as soon as you are approved because there is a lead time-- get in the queue. Here is what you need to know about demos: https://www.totalwine.com/for-the-trade/product-demonstration
  • Please be patient if orders are not placed right away, sometimes there are not openings immediately in certain product categories. If you still do not an order for 3-4 months, send us an email at chains@libdib.com and we will remind the Ordering Captain of your approved offering.
  • While LibDib can service all Makers for Total Wine placements, Gold Makers get the most Total Wine orders because of the Chain service provided within that tier. Orders are fulfilled approximately monthly for Gold LibDibbers and every other month for non-Gold. 
  • Note: we consolidate multiple SKUs when shipping to TWM locations, so, please send your product(s) out with some urgency when TWM orders come in. 
  • Spread the word so that your product sells! Sell a lot and there will be consistent reorders. If reorders are consistent, we can ask to expand your store footprint.