Can I schedule a call with someone at LibDib to talk about distribution services?

First and foremost, thank you so much for your interest in LibDib! We are so pleased about the incredible industry response to our business model and how we provide three-tier compliant distribution to ALL Makers. 

Due to the extremely high volume of outreach we receive, we might not be able to schedule a call with you right away. But never fear! You can create a free account at and get access to details on how we operate. You probably won’t even want to talk to someone afterwards! You can also email for those little questions along the way. 

So get on LibDib, create an account, start adding products and sales materials, pick your markets and Go Go Go! 

PS: It’s free to create an account. There are no long term commitments. And a real live person lays eyes on everything and will reach out before any products go live into a market.