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I got my first order, what do I do next?

Congrats, you received your first LibDib order. As a first time shipper, we hope to help alleviate and avoid some of the common mistakes we have seen in the past to ensure your first order goes smoothly.

First and foremost, and this is the most important thing. YOU MUST USE LIBSHIP. LibShip is LibDib’s FedEx account. Not UPS, not DHL. Not your OWN FedEx account. YOU MUST USE LIBSHIP. LibDib will provide you with a label. USE THAT LABEL. Do not use any other label. Do not use a FedEx label from your own account. LIBSHIP only. One more time, you must use LibShip. This is the only compliant and integrated way to ship via LibDib. If you do not ship via LibShip, we will cancel the order. 

Ok, now that we are clear on the fact that LibShip and the labels we provide are the only option for shipping, here are a few other tips and tricks for a successful first LibDib transaction. 

  1. Do not wait to ship your order. We ask you to get it out within 48 hours. There is a Buyer waiting for it. Data shows if the account receives the shipment on time, they will be more likely to reorder. Timing is key here. 
  2. Ship safe. Guess who hates receiving, opening and ultimately returning a sticky mess of glass and cardboard. Buyers. Make sure you are using FedEx Certified Shipping materials. Train the people who pack up the shipments to do it correctly.  LibDib makes it easy for Makers with a discount at a box company. Click here to order the right materials to ensure your bottles get there safely. This applies for all non-freight shipments. 
  3. For freight shipments, be very responsive to LibDib so we can quote and book the shipment in a timely manner. 
  4. Ship exactly what is ordered. Do not add anything that is not ordered. Do not short ship. If you have a vintage/batch change or if you do not have enough inventory, please reach out to LibDib (Portfolio Manager if you are Gold/Silver) or orders@libdib.com BEFORE you ship. We will need to redo the entire invoice and order. 
  5. To avoid having to redo the order and bothering a Buyer, please try and keep your LibDib account up to date with the most current offerings available. Out of inventory? Go to the platform to mark items Out of Stock. Vintage change?  Archive the old vintage and add a new one within minutes. 
  6. If a Maker is working with a Park Street, MHW or ASE type of operation, you are going to need to contact them to release the order. You will also need to send them the shipping label/information. Yes, it is an extra step, but that is the way they operate.  If you do not receive confirmation that the order has been processed from their end, please follow up with them every day. It may be their fault it didn’t ship on time, but the Buyer does not recognize that. All they see is that a product they wanted took too long to arrive. 

If you have any questions and still do not know what to do, please reach out to orders@libdib.com. Let’s make this first one go as smoothly as possible so you can get the second, third and many many more orders!