I am having trouble on LibDib. I can’t save/create a DR/make a sell sheet/print a LibShip label/ etc. etc. etc. Can you call me to assist? 

If a Maker (or a Buyer) is having trouble doing something on LibDib, most likely there has been a software update since the last time the platform was utilized. If a user is still logged in, certain features may not work or seem “off.” Think of it like when an app on your phone no longer works -- there is most likely an update available. 

Users with any type of problem should always log out, close the browser, clear cookies and cache and log back in before reaching out for help. 

So, “When in Doubt, Log Out!” For more detailed directions on how to do so, please review the video below. 

If a Maker continues to have trouble after following all the steps outlined in the video, please email Makers@libdib.com for assistance (LibDib+ Makers, don’t forget to include that in the subject line) or Gold/Silver Makers can reach out to their Portfolio Manager directly. 

If a Maker signed up for a Maker account AND a Buyer account with the same email address, this can cause some of these issues in the platform. Please avoid doing so as it can create a need for an entire reset of the account and some data may be lost. 

For Buyer issues, reach out to buyers@libdib.com.