How do I use LibDib while working with MHW, Park Street or ASE?

LibDib works with many Makers via MHW, Park Street and American Spirits Exchange. Our just In time inventory process works with these partners; however the Maker has some required actions for each order. 


Once an order is sent to the Maker via email, it is required that the Maker logs into their LibDib account, downloads the LibShip label and sends it to their warehouse contact. Makers are also responsible for releasing the product to sell to LibDib. Each company has a slightly different process for this action which Makers should be familiar with. 

Why these extra steps? A couple of reasons: 

  1. Makers are the only ones that have access to the LibDib account to download the label. 
  2. Makers controlling how inventory gets released is a standard practice at any warehouse related business. Makers should want that built in security that their inventory is only sent out when it is authorized. 

In any Maker-Distributor relationship, being aware of sales and shipments is a key part of success. LibDib has built in many automations to ensure the process is easy and seamless. 

To ensure a timely shipment from MHW, Park Street or ASE, LibDib recommends the following steps: 

  1. On the day your order comes in from LibDib, download the shipping label immediately.
  2. Authorize the release of the product utilizing your warehouse’s standard process. 
  3. Email the shipping label to your warehouse partner. The faster the better. Keep in mind that each of these businesses takes time to process these orders. 
  4. If you receive an email from LibDib relaying that the shipment is late, that means your warehouse has NOT shipped yet and we are not able to track the package. There can be fees implemented for not communicating about late shipping. Check in immediately with your warehouse partner and find out when they are shipping the order. Then communicate that information back to LibDib (this is the best way to avoid any late/non-ship fees….over communicate!). We will take this information and ensure the Buyer is aware of the timing. 

All of these efforts are to ensure a satisfied Buyer in the end. Satisfied Buyers may purchase your products again.


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