What’s the best way to create gift packs?

When creating a gift pack or VAP (Value Added Package), the process for creating an offering in LibDib is the same as any other product offering. Follow the Maker Checklist here, or view the Brand Page Guide for even more detail on creating your offering.

Keep in mind that there are best practices we recommend following so Buyers can understand the offering. Here’s the key fields to pay attention to when creating a gift pack or VAP offering:

  • Offering Name: Include specific information about the offering. Adding “Gift Pack” or “VAP” to the end of the offering name makes it clear that this offering is something special. Example: “The Three Whiskies Gift Pack”
  • Photos: Upload a photo of the entire offering, with all value adds and SKUs in the image. This is a great example that showcases three wines and branded tumblers that come in this Clif Family Winery holiday gift set.

  • Package Information: When entering container sizes, select “Customer Container” instead of other formatted options. Once this is selected, add a description of exactly what will be received in this package.
  • Brand Story: Be sure to explain which products are included in the package, as well as any value-added items. Explain what makes this pack unique.
  • Tasting Notes: Add tasting notes for each of the wines or spirits in the gift pack.
  • Keywords: In addition to any other keywords, add Gift Pack and Gift Set for holiday offerings, or VAP if the offering isn’t holiday specific. Choosing the right keywords ensures you show up in the correct LibDib shopping categories.
  • Pricing: Make sure to include a larger pricing tier of 20 cases plus for these types of offerings. Many buyers look to purchase these in bulk, especially for the holidays!