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Why is LibDib charging for services I used to get for free? 

LibDib has evolved dramatically over the last five years. We are now available in 10 markets, including the top 5 in the US (CA, NY, IL, FL and TX). We provide low cost access for all Makers to these markets via our innovative technology. We have hundreds of Buyers coming to our site every week to discover, shop, interact with our Makers and purchase products. We provide service to most of the major chains as well as key e-commerce and e-premise players. 

The original model of LibDib, one case at a time, just-in-time fulfillment remains, and always will be free for all Makers. But additional features and services, including introductions to Buyers, inventory staging and other promotions, cost time and money to maintain. 

LibDib is very Maker focused and we paid special attention to keeping our extra services affordable and providing real value. Comparing the costs to other e-commerce and/or distribution services in the market, most Makers will agree LibDib is the most affordable option available. Learn more here.


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