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Chains service, how does it work with Gold Makers?

What does VIP Chain Support mean in the Gold Tier of Service? 

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The chain business is different from the typical LibDib e-commerce marketplace. Chains onboard new Makers and products via portals and forms. They order via EDI and we get paid by Fintech. Chains often require inventory at a nearby warehouse and the consolidation of products from different Makers on one truck. Finally, the delivery cycle is much shorter, often next day.

Each of these steps requires extra time and effort from the LibDib team and our resources. These extra steps are considered VIP Chain Services. If a Maker has the opportunity to be in a chain serviced by LibDib, it is a requirement to be Gold so our team can ensure excellent service and keep the Buyers happy. Makers, you do not want to get DQ’ed by a chain! 


If I am a Gold Member, is LibDib presenting my products to the chains?

True to our model, LibDib does not present/sell offerings to the chains. We will guide Gold Makers on how to get started with Total Wine and have discussions about how to seek out other opportunities. If a chain asks our team about a certain category of product (this happens all the time!), we will present offerings that fit within the request. Gold Makers are considered first because we know you are ready to service a chain Buyer.

Makers that are successful in the chain environment have their own relationships (via themselves or a chain account specialist broker/sales company). They get their own meetings, manage their own programs and utilize LibDib to handle the distribution piece (and often save money while doing so!).

Happy Selling!