LibDib's Warehouses

LibDib doesn't work like a traditional distributor. We don't purchase pallets, store them in warehouses, or deliver them on trucks. LibDib purchases products from Makers (often "one-case-at-a-time") and Makers ship to the compliant location directly from their facility. We refer to this as a “Just In Time” model. 

In some markets, there may be a bonded warehouse delivery option for Makers to store within the state. There are several factors that may contribute to the ability to store alcoholic beverages at a bonded facility. The first is compliance; a Maker must have the correct license to do this and that is dependent on state regulations. The second is the capacity of the warehouse and if they are taking new clients. The third is the warehouse’s minimums of storage capacity. 

In some states, Makers might be able to store at LibDib’s warehouse. Whether a Maker can do this or not depends on the issues discussed above. The warehouse agreement is between the Maker and the warehouse. If an agreement has been made, please make sure your “Ship From” location on your LibDib profile is updated to the warehouse’s address.

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