Sharing the mobile app with Buyers

How to Share LibDib Mobile with Buyers

  • Go to the LibDib Mobile App in the App store and click on the share icon. From there you can send directly to their phone or mobile device 
  • Buyers can download directly from Apple’s App store here
  • Text or email this link to Buyers:
  • LibDib’s Text-to-Download Number - Tell accounts to download LibDib Mobile to their iOS device by texting “App” to 844-542-3421
Share our How to video with Buyers. Simply share the link to our video:

  • Share the news on your social pages:
    • Include one of these messages in your posts (or give your own spin)
        • Our distributor has gone mobile. Now you can, too. Introducing the LibDib Mobile app. Download for free on your iOS device today:
        • The easiest way for Restaurants, Bars, and Retailers to discover our products, place orders, and restock shelves is with LibDib Mobile. Download the app and shop anytime, anywhere. Now available in the iOS store (Android version coming soon!)
        • Accounts, restock your shelves using a mobile app! LibDib Mobile allows you to shop at YOUR convenience. Download for free today:
        • Our distributor has gone mobile and so can you! Download LibDib Mobile to purchase our products.
  • Send this One-Pager to Buyers - Share this PDF with accounts. It explains the benefits of LibDib Mobile as well as how to download it. 
  • Add the App Info to Your Website - Add a direct download link to the trade portion of your website. For example: Buy directly from our distributor, LibDib, using their mobile app. Download for free here.