Safe Shipping

You’ve taken the time to create a quality product, and it’s equally as important to spend the time and money to protect it in transit. Especially when shipping via a common carrier, boxes seem to take a bit more of a beating than with 3PL so please be sure that you’ve packaged your product so that it makes it to its final destination safe and sound. Before shipping, please review the following: 

Shipping glass bottles via common carrier (FedEx Parcel, Golden State Overnight, etc.) can be a challenge, as the carton materials used are meant for bulk pallet handling, where cartons are tightly packed together on a pallet and remain on the pallet during handling. However, in most instances, our Makers are shipping single-piece shipments which offers very little protection during parcel transit as the boxes are transferred from conveyer belts to the truck, and from the truck to your doorstep. While parcel carriers often take great care in handling these packages, breakage does occur as the glass items inside the standard carton box simply don't have enough padding to absorb vibrations and collisions. LibDib also recommends that you wrap the package in something that can contain liquid if the glass breaks

To ship wine: there are many inner packaging options available such as molded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and molded fiber trays along with inflatable wine shippers.

To ship spirits: Some bottles will fit in the same packaging options for shipping wine. However, for odd-shaped or unique bottles, we recommend that you use inflatable wine shipper, or the "Double (Over) Boxing Method"

For this, select an over pack box that is at least six inches longer, wider, and higher than the original box, which gives you three inches of cushion (bubble wrap or packing peanuts) to protect against vibration and damage. 

Please note: FedEx requires a special label signifying that the package contains alcohol. These can be obtained from the company directly.