Webinar: How to search the internet to find contact information for Buyers in away markets

LibDib's Maker team records a training on the best way to find trade contacts in markets.

0:13 - Purpose of LibDib's Maker Training Program
4:50 - Finding Account Lists from New York State's Liquor Authority website
8:50 - How to search Yelp to find top selling businesses
12:30 - Overview of Yelp's filters & categories
14:45 - How to find decision maker's contact information
17:50 - How to determine the fit with your brand and businesses
19:50 - Communities of On & Off Premise Buyers
22:45 - How to gain the most exposure for your Brand on LibDib.com
27:42 - Include a "Where to find us" section on your brand's website
28:48 - Websites that help you grow your brand (Youtube, Google Hangouts & Vistaprint)
31:36 - Other businesses that can help with marketing & sales (Beverage Media Group, LinkedIn & Edge Beverage Consulting)
33:32 - Where to purchase Retail Account Data
34:34 - 3 Key Takeaways
36:50 - Q & A