How Imports work with LibDib

Can International brands use LibDib?

Yes, any wine or spirits brand from the U.S. or abroad, can secure distribution through LibDib. International brands must have an established relationship with an importer in the U.S. prior to signing up with LibDib.

What’s the sign up process if I use an importer?

During the sign up process you will use 'Your Company Name/Importer’s Name' in the Start by setting up your company section. Leave the EIN blank. For the address and phone number, put your importer’s contact information as they hold the license. 

What’s the payment process for International brands?

LibDib is required to pay the licensee, which is most often the importer.

Can you recommend a U.S. importer for my brand?

LibDib works with many Importer partners. Drop us a line at  for a referral.