I'm a small Maker without a lot of resources to spend on a sales person. How can I be successful?

The LibDib platform offers a number of sales tools for Makers to launch their 3-Tier Distribution journey. Think about where you want your products to be sold within a particular market. High end bottle shops? Asian-fusion restaurants? Determine your target market. Then start researching. Make a list of 10 accounts where your products would fit. Start learning more about them (following social media can be very beneficial). Then reach out to that account with your best pitch. Why should your products be sold there? 

Once you start making some placements, the reorder is key. What are you (yes, that falls onto the producer!) going to do about consumer pull? At the very minimum, make sure you gave a list of of your stores/restaurants on your website so consumers know where to find your products. Consider some geo-targeted social media ads near your accounts, pointing consumers to your website page showcasing where to purchase. 

You don’t have to have a big budget to be successful with trade buyers. But you do have to spend some time and effort in order to be successful. To learn more, listen to our webinar, Selling 101 to hear LibDib's CEO and Founder share advice from her years of experience as a supplier.