Getting Featured on LibDib

LibDib has several sales and marketing programs where we feature selected products which are chosen and curated by our team. Many ask how to get featured in these programs. There is no “pay to play” opportunity here. However there are certain criteria our team reviews prior to making selections for club presentations, social media and blog posts or marketing emails to Resellers: 

  • Curb Appeal: Has the Maker provided high-quality images and sales materials and included a rich description of the brand and products?
  • Logistics/Product: has the Maker proved the ability to ship timely and safely? Does the Maker have enough product (for clubs)? Is the Maker able to offer a large quantity discount if asked?
  • Platform usage and promotion: Is the Maker using the platform for invites, suggested orders and digital orders (and therefore providing our system with data about the segments of buyers that are interested in their product)? Does the Maker promote LibDib as their distributor in anyone market via their own web site? 
  • Sales data: Are the products selling? Are the price points correct?