How does LibDib assist with marketing my products?

LibDib regularly features Maker products in emails, blogs, social media posts, as well as presentations to clubs and chains. Selected products are chosen and curated by our team, based on qualifying criteria.

LibDib is all about leveling the playing field so there are no “pay to play” opportunities. Makers must meet certain criteria prior to being chosen.

That criteria includes:

  • Marketing Assets Available: Has the Maker provided high-quality images and sales materials as well as a rich description of the brand and products in LibDib? 
  • Logistics & Shipping On Time: Has the Maker proven the ability to ship timely and safely? Does the Maker have enough product? Is the Maker able to offer a large quantity discount if asked?
  • LibDib Usage and Promotion: Is the Maker using LibDib for invites, suggested orders and digital orders? Does the Maker promote LibDib as their distributor via their own web site? 
  • Sales Data: Is the Maker actively selling? Are the price points correct?

Once a Maker meets these requirements, the LibDib Sales and Marketing Teams will consider products for features.