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Want to boost your retail sales and reach a broader range of consumers? We have good news! LibDib has partnered with Drizly.

Drizly is the world’s largest on-demand alcohol delivery platform for consumers. They help retailers sell their inventory online. They connect retail partners to millions of customers looking to buy online from their local liquor store and get delivery to their door.


How it works:

  1. Retailers sign up on Drizly.
  2. Retailers purchase from LibDib.
  3. Once your products are delivered and on their shelves they submit them to Drizly. 
  4. Consumers can purchase your products via their app/website.
  5. The retail store delivers to the consumer.

Click here for more information on Drizly's Retail Partners. 


Interested? Here's how to sign up.

You can manage your products on Drizly by using DrizlySupplier, a FREE website to manage your digital shelf on Drizly. 

Thousands of brands are currently using DrizlySupplier to manage their digital content, tell their brand story, reach new customers, and drive sales on the platform. 

With DrizlySupplier you can:

  • Claim your brand to own your digital presence on the leading alcohol marketplace
  • Add new or missing items to the Drizly catalog to increase your sales
  • Quickly update product details like name, image(s), description, attributes, and UPC to increase availability to Drizly customers by up to 65%
  • Learn about your catalog's health on Drizly and access tools to improve it

Now is the time to make sure your products look great for customers ordering online using Drizly. 

Click here to sign up and get access.