Can LibDib hold inventory of my offerings?

LibDib set out to do distribution differently. One of the most important factors was to change the way products were delivered which is why we implemented a 'Just In Time' delivery model. This means that we order and ship when there is demand from a Buyer. However, we realized that a hybrid delivery method works best to streamline operations. Some retailers require delivery within a certain window, which makes having product on hand a necessity.
Chain sales are highly involved, making LibDib Gold a requirement. For Gold Makers, LibDib will purchase 3-4 weeks of inventory at once, store in our warehouse within the state and ship to Buyers from the warehouse. This reduces the time to delivery and also allows for consolidation for chain orders.
The Gold Maker inventory purchase does not mean that LibDib will act like a traditional distributor and order 6-12 months of inventory. LibDib will order based on historical demand or conservatively based on a realistic demand plan provided by the Maker. All products purchased from Gold Makers are typically sold within 3-4 weeks. LibDib does not have aged inventory. For example, if a Gold Maker is selling 10 cases per week. LibDib will purchase approximately 40 cases at once and have it shipped to the warehouse and then out to accounts when orders come in.
Freight discounts are only realized at 300 pounds or more (approximately 7.5 12 bottle cases 750ml or 15, 6 bottle cases 750ml). For most chain placements, inventory within the state is required. In addition, chain sales require additional work from LibDib, so joining the Gold program is required.
Click here for more information about Gold and all of its benefits. If you are ready to sign up for Gold, please go to your LibDib account and follow these directions:
  • Log into your LibDib account, go to “MY PROFILE”  on the upper right hand side.
  • Click on “ACCOUNT STATUS” on the left hand side.
  • Choose the plan right for your business (monthly and yearly payments are available).
  • You will be sent to a secure checkout page via our payment partner Stripe. Fill in the required information.
  • A Portfolio Manager will reach out within one business day to start your LibDib Extra program.