How do I pay?

Payment terms for Buyers is 30 days from date of delivery for most states (10 days in Florida). Buyers will receive an invoice with their shipment along with an emailed invoice that has a link to pay through QuickBooks Online. Buyers are responsible for paying LibDib directly.
What methods of payment does LibDib accept from Buyers?

LibDib payment options:

  1. Click on the link within the Quickbooks email to pay online via ACH. Where applicable credit card, debit card, or even Apple Pay.
  2. Melio Payments:
  3. Fintech: (ID 89713) Please note that your business must be signed up on LibDib before we can link to Fintech and process invoices and payments.
  5. Good old-fashioned mail: Send a check or money order to our payment processing center.

Checks can be sent to:

c/o Accounts Receivable
6980 Santa Teresa Blvd #201
San Jose, CA 95119


Note: One form of payment we cannot accept is cash. Please send a check or money order in lieu of cash.

Any questions? Please reach out to the billing department at or call us at 844-LIB-DIB1 (844-542-3421).