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Maker Barrel Market FAQs

What is the LibDib Barrel Market?

LibDib's Barrel Market is a storefront to connect Makers who have barrels and Buyers who are looking for exclusive offerings. 


What markets will my barrel offering(s) show up in?

As the Maker you will select which LibDib markets your barrel offering(s) will be available in.

Note: You can select from any LibDib market you are currently live in. If you would like to offer you barrels in a new market, refer to 'How to go Live in Each Market'.


Who can see my barrel product?
Anyone with a LibDib Buyer account in the market that the barrel offering is live in.


What does a Buyer need from me to purchase a barrel?

A Buyer will need to know general product information including the yield and price per bottle for the barrel. 


When creating a barrel package how should I set the case size?
When creating the barrel package, list the product as SINGLE bottles that way if there is a yield that is not divisible into 6 or 12 bottles we are still able to sell the entire yield to the Buyer.


When do I price my barrel?

Once you have agreed on pricing with an interested Buyer. You can add pricing under the “Markets” tab of your account. 


A Buyer and I have agreed on a barrel and a price point. What happens now?

Fantastic! You will now make a copy of the original barrel product, add pricing and submit the barrel for approval. Once this is done, a purchase order can be generated and the barrel can be shipped using LibShip.


Do I have to use LibDib if a barrel pick comes out of this market place?

Yes, per the terms of service, any barrel sales that are agreed on via LibDib must be completed through LibDib.


Can I ship the physical barrel with the product to the Buyer?

Yes, if the Buyer wants the physical barrel or barrel head you can ship it with the product cases. If you are shipping the barrel or barrel head, place the barrel in the center of the pallet, surrounded by the product cases and shrink wrap the entire load tightly. Include the  warehouse intake tags on the outside of the shrink wrapped pallet on 2 sides.

Note: Makers must notify LibDib that they are shipping the physical barrel with the order.


How will this be shipped? Who will pay shipping? Will this be freight rates?

The order will be shipped LibShip. The Maker will be billed back for the shipping. If the barrel order is over 10+ cases it can go on LibShip Freight Less Than Load rates (LTL).  


Does my barrel have to be price posted in the New York market?

Yes, your product has to go through price posting if you plan on selling in the New York market.


I am a barrel society, how do I purchase a barrel from LibDib’s Barrel Market?

Please reach out to our Innovation Revenue team at, barrels@libdib.com for more information.