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LibDib Barrel Market

How barrels work with LibDib

The thirst for unique and exclusive offerings is hotter than ever. Between subscription member clubs and online marketplaces, we have seen an explosion in the number of requests for "barrel picks.” In an effort to support this interest, we have created LibDib's Barrel Market.


Here’s how it works

When Buyers, clubs, and/or marketing partners visit LibDib they can discover barrel offerings available from our Makers. LibDib's Barrel Market gives Buyers and Makers an opportunity to start a conversation regarding details on available barrels using our "Message Maker" feature.

Important Information:

  • Makers CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS from the Buyer for barrel orders.  
  • For more information on Buyer payment terms, click here.

For any questions regarding barrels, please contact barrels@libdib.com.